Terms & Conditions of Rewards


Joining the loyalty programme

  • To join the loyalty programme, you must opt-in. This can be done via ‘my account’ at Littletagsluxury.com or through our customer service team. New customers will be given the option to opt-in on account creation.
  • If you wish to opt-out of the loyalty programme this can be done at any time via ‘My Account’ or through our customer service team. When you opt-out you will no longer be able to use any rewards earnt and will no longer receive any emails or promotions relating to the rewards scheme.
  • If you wish to re-subscribe to the loyalty programme you will need to contact our customer service team.
  • If you have made a purchase whilst unsubscribed you have 7 days to claim your rewards by opting in, after this period you will no longer be able to claim rewards on the purchase.
  • If you re-subscribe to the loyalty programme, all points earned while subscribed will still be valid as long as they have not passed the 365 days expiry period.

Earning 'Rewards'

  • For every Rs 100, you spend on qualifying purchases from Littletagsluxury.com, you will be awarded Pending Point as per your tier. Pending Points will be added within 14 days after your purchase was placed provided no returns, cancellations or amendments have been made.
  • Qualifying purchases made in any other currency other than INR will be converted to INR after making your purchase according to the Little Tags Luxury rates at the time, and you will accrue your Pending Points on the INR amount.
  • You will receive Reward Points as per your tier for every 100 (INR) you spend.
  • Points will expire 365 days after the date they were added.
  • Points can also be earnt via boosters and promotions. Full details of points earnt will be illustrated by Littletagsluxury.com.
  • You get a referral point as our company’s policy through your every purchase and they are as follows;
  • For Gold, you get 250 points on every new referral.
  • For Platinum, you get 500 points on every new referral.
  • For Diamond, you get 1000 points on every new referral.
  • The above terms and conditions are applied only on purchase of any product from our website.

Levels and Rewards

We will allocate you a level based on the current number of points you have:

1 - Gold For spending (1L +)

2 - Platinum For spending (5L +)

3 - Diamond For spending (10L +)

  • Each level will give you access to greater rewards. These rewards are set out by little tags luxury and we reserve the right to change and update these without notice.
  • Rewards and Points cannot be transferred to another customer's account.
  • Rewards and Points have no monetary value, cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded, except as stated in these Terms.
  • Rewards earn cannot be carried over with each level increase or decrease.
  • Little Tags Luxury reserves the right to change rewards and boosts with giving prior notification. It also reserves the right to discontinue the loyalty programme at any point if some regulations of the company are tampered.